Media Training – on Eye Level with Journalists

My Principle. Professional media training helps you to learn more about the way journalists work and to understand the ground rules of the media: print, radio, TV & online. And you will learn to move in them with ease. Example: I need a sound bite from you, a short statement of 20-30 seconds. But you reply in long, intertwined sentences of 1-2 minutes. Guess what happens: I cut your statements according to my needs – and you feel misquoted. Therefore: Learn how to work with journalists professionally.

Improve your Know-how. Short sentences, descriptive language oriented towards your listeners, using examples, key words and comparisons. I practice with you rhetorical forms, quick-witted answers to controversial questions, and the placement of your own key messages.

Authenticity. Only a part of what people perceive on TV has to do with contents, i.e. is related to facts. The interpersonal relationship is at least as important. How do I interact with the public? How can I improve my body language? Where do I have to look during a TV interview? What do I do with my arms and hands? I will answer your questions and we will train your individual non-verbal communication and your voice.

Professional media training strengthens your competence to perceive yourself and others. And it is above all about practical skills and based on your concrete challenges. This means that we train interviews in realistic situations with your specific topics I will prepare thoroughly as a journalist.

Interviews in various journalistic formats: short statement, live/recorded interview, studio talk, interview on location, press talks & press conference, controversial interview, round table talk.

Filmed with a video camera for individual feedback.

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“For 14 years I have interviewed both VIP´s and less known people as a journalist for the ARD (German Public Broadcasting Network). As a Media and Public Appearance trainer, I work with top executives from politics, industry, and public administration since 2001. In parallel, I also still coach TV-anchors and live-reporters for the German ARD Network. I gladly also develop an individual training schedule for you. Depending on your individual needs and with your specific interview topics.”

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Possible Content

  • The way journalists work
  • Rules and pitfalls in dealing with journalists
  • Differences between print media – radio – TV – Online
  • Journalistic manifestations
  • Recommendations and tools for successful answers in interviews
  • Defining and placing key messages
  • 5-sentence-method for the short sound bite
  • Rhetoric and arguing techniques
  • Countering tough questions and verbal attacks
  • How to manage background information talks
  • The special challenges of telephone interviews
  • How to prepare an interview
  • Camera-based training with feedback: journalistic interviews
  • Using your body language and voice
  • Analysis of individual strengths and growth potentials

A basic training 1-day Media Training could look like this

Your Choice of Camera Technology

I conduct the interviews & record them with my semi-professional DV camera. My equipment:

  • Digital camera, with tripod & microphone
  • Roll-Ups to create a background for the interviews
  • TV set for the video feedbacks
  • Hand Outs for the participants
  • Facilitation material

I conduct the interviews & a professional cameraman records them with professional state-of-the-art HD-TV technology. Our equipment:

  • SONY HD-Digital camera, with tripod & microphone
  • Roll-Ups to create a background for the interviews
  • TV set for the video feedbacks
  • Hand Outs for the participants
  • Facilitation material

My Professional Cameraman

Michael Günther, born in 1961 – started his career in the Film Department of Bavarian Broadcast in Munich in 1983 and graduated from Berlin Film School in 1987. Since 1989 he has been producer and director of photography for German Public Broadcast ARD, SPIEGEL TV and the BBC – in the field worldwide.

michael guenther
Michael Günther

As co-founder of the Berlin-based production company HEARTS AND MINDS Michael directed Visual Content and Style until 2013 including many different formats: from news- to business programmes and from lifestyle reports to 60-minute-documentaries. His main focus was on all visual aspects of high-end corporate videos and long-term documentaries about building and infrastructure projects. Since 2014 Michael has been developing various projects with his new company MIND in MOTION, which is located next to the German parliament, the Bundestag, right in the centre of Berlin.

Michael has been working with High Definition broadcast technology for over 20 years. As my client you will gain a real look-and-feel television experience through a professional cameraman in our training. In your personalised TV-studio set-up you will encounter real stage fright – lights, camera, microphone, and action! My critical questions will make you sweat. By studying and analyzing our recordings on tape you will achieve more and more self-confidence for your media appearance.