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Since 2001 I continue to gain experiences as a Management Coach & Personal Trainer, Facilitator of single events & longer group processes and Organization Developer. And as Key Note Speaker on my communication topics. Over the years my range of services has become broader, from A as Appearance to W as Workshop Facilitation. I use my competences modular – and add empathy, engagement and experience.

Results: Convincing diverse services. And clients who benefit from my long-lasting support.

In November 2018, I have been granted formal certification by the international Certification Program for Organization Design Professional (CODP) which endorses individual organization design professionals that meet a global set of requirements.

I am a also a certified facilitator of ICA Associates in Canada ( I successfully completed their modular “Professional Facilitator Program” (PFP).

For many years, I also used to be member of the German Association of Media Trainers (BMTD). Due to time issues, I decided to leave the accociation at end of 2022. All the best, BMTD!

To support my clients accomplish more sustainable results in transformational processes through a culture of trust, collaboration and freedom to act.

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My Offers at a Glance

Looking to improve your own management communication competences – with a high-level Personal Training? Or planning for a Leadership Team Development Workshop – facilitated by an experienced team trainer? I offer custom-made:

According to your specific needs. With your own business topics. And an experienced coach & trainer supplying you with tips & tricks for your tool box and guidance in a hands-on training. On-site at your business location, off-site in a hotel conference room or at one of our locations in Berlin & Potsdam.

A recent study by the Stanford Business School found out that nearly two-thirds of CEOs don’t receive executive coaching or leadership development. And almost half of senior executives in general aren’t receiving any, either. Paradoxically, nearly 100 percent said they would like coaching to enhance their development, as both Bloomberg Business Week and Forbes reported in recent articles.

So, why do Managers say they want coaching but don’t seek it? My experience of many years, the answer lies in most coaching programs themselves. Because they don´t combine coaching (talking about what you need to change) with training (actually practicing how you need to change).

Coaching in many cases is only the first step. To grow your skills and effectiveness, you first need increased self-awareness, and honest self-knowledge about your values, motives and personal capacities. So, let´s talk about it. With me as your professional sparring partner, who asks critical questions, gives you feedback and challenges you for your growth potentials. But then, as a second step, we can transfer our coaching results into practical training, including video feedback, for you to actually see & evaluate your results.

The third step is up to you. You bring our coaching & training results into your daily business life, to gain experiences with your new self-awareness and behavior. And to come back – as long as you need assistance – for more coaching and training. With this approach you will be surprised how fast you grow. Personally & as a manager.

Mediation describes a process for conflict regulation. My role as mediator: Helping the arguing parties, whether it involves individuals or groups, to voluntarily reach an agreement through negotiations. I support the participants as an independent and impartial third party. Both with the definition of their interests as well as the development of conforming solutions. If desired, the mediation may result in a written agreement for conflict resolution which will be signed by all conflicting parties.

Executives as well as employees know how fast conflicts in working life can result in a legal dispute. The consequence: high costs and long waiting times. Mediation can be an extremely helpful process when it comes to internal conflicts: When there is a dispute between colleagues, when a manager needs to solve conflicts with his/her employees, or when there is trouble with the works council.

Mediation Phases:

  • Set the common rules of the mediation
  • Views of the conflicting parties
  • Causes & backgrounds
  • Agreement

Mediation is an alternative looking for a compromise. Mediation is worth trying.

Facilitation is my art & ability of guiding people in groups and teams through inter-active processes toward agreed-upon objectives, in a manner that encourages participation, ownership and creativity. These processes can be single team events, workshops, or large group conferences, but also modular change processes over a longer period of time. As your facilitator, I am the process guide, my work is to ensure that the group accomplishes its goals, keeping discussions on track, protecting group member from verbal attack, and providing the opportunity for all members to get involved.

Over the last 25 years, I trained my facilitation skills to clarify the goals & objectives and define the necessary process with my clients. I then design a creative and goal-oriented agenda and use my toolkit of adult working methods like brainstorming, meta-planning, small group activities, decision-making techniques, action planning and meta-reviews to ensure team-spirit and working progress. Or for Large Group Conferences, methods like Open Space, World Café and Appreciative Inquiry.

In all of my facilitations, I make sure to create an innovative working environment leading to concrete results.

Contact me & we talk about how I can facilitate your group or team process.

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Whole System Change: Individuals & Interactions over Processes & Tools

Best Practice Example

You need to change your organization and plan a change process. You are now looking for an experienced Organisation Designer who helps you to set up the project and lead it to success. Talk to me for an exchange of first ideas, free of charge.

Together with your leadership team or a steering group, we work on goals & objectives for the change project.  And then we move start moving the Organization! We use the knowledge and experience of your people, as well as their possible resistance. We activate collective wisdom and swarm intelligence with creative and collaborative methods and bring an action-oriented vision of the future to life. As your external organization developer, I consult you and support the process. As your facilitator, I navigate everyone involved through the highs and lows, using participative, decision-making methods for self-learning  organizations. Let me tell you about my various experiences and project examples.

Communication builds bridges – and draws circles. I also gladly talk about my topics in a speech, presentation or key note address. My own admitted claim is that my talks are to the point, show my engagement as a trainer, coach and facilitator for my respective issues – and of course, that they are motivational for my audience. Contact me, I can tell you about my options and references.

For organizational reasons, I do not offer open group seminars, where you can apply to as an individual. Instead I am working on behalf of institutions, organizations and companies – or as a personal trainer on your behalf as a private person. Please contact me and we talk about a 1:1 individual training package, especially designed for your needs and goals.