Helga Lensch

Experiences in different roles

Since 2001 I have been developing a broad range of consulting & training services. I work all over Germany & in other countries around the world and still grow steadily with regards to my approach & methodological skills.

As personal coach and trainer, I have been working for years with top executives in politics and administration, companies and organizations. I conduct professional media trainings and work with my customers on their public appearance as a presenter, speaker and “manager on stage”.

As seminar trainer and team facilitator, I can guide groups and teams towards their objective and, in doing so, create room for individual and collective growth. My finest hours are when I can inspire people to be interested in their own personal development or to discover the “we” in a team. Over the years, I have accompanied many change processes, restructurings and new beginnings. My style is solution-oriented, never losing sight of the objectives, but also with care and respect – and a view to people lost in the transition of a change process.

My professional career started as a political radio & television journalist for the German public broadcasting station ARD and I can look back at more than 14 years of experience in different roles: moderator, producer, live reporter.

I still enjoy working regularly as a moderator of events, conferences, congresses, meetings and workshops – and often play a part in their setting up from a content and agenda point of view. I facilitate small group meetings with a few participants to major large group events with many participants.

Today, facilitation and organization development is my motivational focus – and I really enjoy creating a safe container and a flow for positive group or team environments. To allow swarm intelligence to do its magic.

I look forward to your questions. Please feel free to ask for more information on my specific competences as well as my background and qualifications.

More about my profile and my experience of over 30 years here: https://helgalensch.de. You might also want to look at the representation of my “lifeline”: https://medienbuero-babelsberg.de/en/profile/

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"Every customer, every team, every organization is different, and this is what I love about my job. Every day a new challenge; every mission requires a different approach, an individual solution. And I get to meet people who allow me to walk with them a part of their way. With my know-how, my expertise and in the very way I am. To me, this is most enriching and rewarding."